Toronto Industrial UV Digital Printing Company

Industrial UV Digital Printing

We at Afra Printing as a Toronto industrial UV digital printing company have revolutionized the whole concept of printing on glass and offer acrylic printing, PVC printing, wood printing and laser cutting & engraving services by using the latest technology. Our sophisticated machines enable us to print in various styles, including white ink, varnish, and multi-layer of colors.

We provide wide range of 0-100mm thickness and modern technology of KONICA MINOLTA print quality of 2880 dpi. The prints using eight colors UV curable inks (CMYK, LM, LC, White & Varnish) create very brisk water proof colors.

For all your printing needs in Toronto and Vaughan such as canvas printing services, laser cutting & engraving Services, Afra Printing is at your service. We are reliable and will provide you with the best quality and designs.

You can choose your design and produce custom vinyl stickers and decals, which you can use for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The sticker cutting lasts for a long period, meaning you can plan for long-term use.

Printing wood framed photos provides a natural and stunning look that you can use to enhance your interior décor. Wood and MDF printing provide photos that are fade and scratch-resistant. These properties enable the pictures to last for extended periods.

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Afra Printing Company Services

Toronto Industrial UV Digital Printing

Toronto Glass Printing

Glass Printing

In recent times, glass printing has gained popularity, and it’s suitable for various forms of interior decorations.

Toronto Wood & MDF Printing

Wood and MDF Printing

Wood and MDF printing produces clean, frameless images which are exactly the same as the original pictures.

Canvas Printing

Canvas Printing

Afra Printing makes this work easier by printing on canvas. We allow you to document your memories in a way that you will be proud of.

Toronto Acrylic Polycarbonate Printing

Acrylic & Polycarbonate Printing

Acrylic and polycarbonate are different materials with different properties, they are both abrasion-resistant.

Toronto PVC and Coroplast Printing

PVC and Coroplast Printing

PVC and Coroplast provide you with a hard plastic material that will last for an extended period.

Toronto Metal & Composite Printing

Metal & Composite Printing

Generally, custom metal printing produces brittle prints and we produce for retail and industrial purposes.

Toronto Vinyl Decals Stickers

Vinyl Decals & Stickers

Afra Printing is the leading vinyl stickers producer in Toronto. If you are looking for vinyl decals or vinyl stickers in Toronto, contact us today.

Toronto Laser Cut Engraving Services

Laser Cutting & Engraving

At Afra Printing, we provide high-quality laser cutting and engraving services across Toronto and Vaughan.

Industrial UV Digital Printing

Custom Ordering

Contact us for all your custom orders with your favorite designs, materials and your preferred style by mentioning in detail.

5 Star ratings industrial UV digital printing in Toronto

Industrial UV Digital Printing

Rated 5/5 by many of our customers

About Afra Printing Products

Industrial UV Digital Printing in Toronto

Print on any kind of glass is a new idea for interior decorations, suitable for doors, windows, shower glasses, kitchen backsplash, elevators, office and saloon partitions.

Bright, frosted, single or double sided view print quality and also anti-scratch, UV protected prints on tempered, non-tempered, laminated (PVB & EVA) glass with high density UV inks against pressure, heat, extension and UV lights let us to print on PVB and EVA are new products of this company that make the environment of your home and office much brisk and lovely.

High technology print machine gives this ability to make multi-layer print of colors, white and varnish too.

About Afra Printing Company

Industrial UV Digital Printing

Experienced in industrial UV Digital Printing and digital printing technology over than 20 years.
Afra printing offering specialized uv digital flatbed & large format prints for indoor & outdoor use.

We handle the filaments in various materials, including stainless steel, copper, iron, and bronze. They tend to be heavier than plastic parts.
For all your printing needs in Toronto and Vaughan, Afra Printing is at your service. We are reliable and will provide you with the best quality and designs.